Double Chin & Hair Treatment

Double Chin:

What is Double Chin?

A double chin is defined as a roll of fatty skin that is situated beneath your chin that makes it appear as if you have two chins, hence the name, double chin. This can be caused as a part of the natural aging process, as well as a response to weight fluctuation.Also, once a double chin appears it may be difficult to get rid of due to the fact that the skin is stretched, which causes a loss of elasticity.

What Causes Double Chins?

There are a number of different possible causes of a double chin. Understanding the risk factors may help you avoid this unsightly body blemish.


A double chin may also be the consequence of the natural aging process. It is normal for your skin to loosen and to lose* muscles as you age. Your chin also has muscles present, which can slacken and add to the risk of developing a double chin.

Hair Treatment:

High Frequency Treatment:

High frequency therapy is a type of intensive hair treatment to cure dandruff, hair-fall or alopecia, carried out by  by treating your hair with high-frequency infra and ultra rays.Several salons in Mumbai have started using this therapy as  something of a quicker solution to their hair-related problems.

What is high-frequency therapy?

High-frequency therapy is a type of intensive hair treatment to cure dandruff, hair fall or alopecia. It is carried out by treating your hair with high-frequency infra and ultra-rays. It is at 250,000 Hz frequency that the hollow glass electrode, is made to come in contact with the hair that generates current. There is also an ultra-ray treatment that gives rays from a distance with the help of a bulb.The procedure is also known to help with the natural exfoliation of skin while stimulating sebaceous glands. it also with skin disorders.Related image

Benefits of getting high-frequency hair treatment:

1. The treatment revitalizes your scalp, stimulates blood circulation and encourages the scalp to increase the rate of hair growth.

2. The treatment also helps with generating new cells while making your hair dandruff-free.

3. The treatment prevents itchy scalp and puts a stop to hair fall gradually.

4. The procedure also helps with increase in collagen and elastin production reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and cellulite.

5. It also does a fantastic job of working on shrinking the size of your face pores and fading away dark circles..

Ozone Treatment for Hair and Scalp:

  • Ozone therapy for hair has widely been acknowledged for its effectiveness in treating hair and scalp problems like dandruff, hair fall, hair thinning and damage. These hair problems are mainly caused due to factors like ageing, hormonal imbalance, poor hair care, unhealthy diet, illnesses and infections, genetic traits, pollution and other external factors, which generally dehydrate or infect the scalp to further weaken and damage the hair follicles.Related image
  • Ozone with its unstable molecule containing three oxygen atoms has high oxidising properties and releases free oxygen radicals on being injected in any part of the body like the scalp or applied over the scalp.
  • The scalp and hair on being infused with ozone get oxidised leading to the formation of peptones on the hair shaft located in the middle of the strands.
  • A protective layer, like the ozone layer guarding the earth’s atmosphere, is formed over each hair strand by peptones that safe guard the hair from breakage, damage and fall. This treatment is provided with the help of machines.
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