Simple 26 Days Programme

This Program includes:-

  1. Diet Plan

  2. Counselling

  3. One Hour Treatment

  4. 2 Months Program

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Weight Loss Program is Divided Into Two Groups:

Group 1- Simple 26 Days Program (2 Month Program )

Group 2- Depending Upon The Requirement Of The Body (3 Month Program )


Focuses only on weight loss.
Focuses only on weight loss and inch loss
Fat loss .
Eg. If a client loses 10 kg’s only 2 to 3 percentage  of body fat is lost
Increases lean to fat ratio
Body firming and toning preventing sagging.
No spot reduction (localized fat loss not taken care off)
Generalized inch loss.
Can’t target spot areas.
Does not take care of cellulite fat
(subcutaneous fat).
Less drop in body fat %
Reduces only size of the body fat cells.
Increases body metabolism by approx.
10% on each sitting taken.
Inch loss less compared to group 2


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Focuses on weight loss and fat loss.
Fat loss is approx. 45 % of the the body weight lost.
Increases lean to fat ratio 10-20 % more than the group 1 programs.
Body firming and toning preventing sagging and also causes localized fat loss.
Localized fat loss possible non-surgically through non invasive  lipolysis.
Generalized inch loss and spot inch loss.
Can target spot areas.
Takes care of cellulite fat through our anti-cellulite therapy.
Very good drop in body fat %
Reduces both the size of the body fat cell
and the number of fat cells
Increases body metabolism by approx
50 % on each lipolysis sitting taken.
Very fast inch loss as compared to group 1

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Dr. Hemangi Jhaveri

Dr Hemangi Jhaveri is a registered medical doctor and a Nutritionist from the American college of sports medicine. Her special focus is in Obesity, Fitness & Wellness of an Individual. She has dealt with hundreds of patients to achieve their health and wellness goals. Educating patients and helping them joyfully to inculcate a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives is her motto. Love and enjoy food in a natural way and regain your health with her.
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