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Backache is a problem which affects most of the people at least once in their lifetime. With the working environment and habit of most of the people today, where in they keep sitting on their desk for long hours, usually in front of a computer, backache has became quite a common and serious issue. Latest development in the fields of medical science combined with acupressure, heat and other oriental science technologies have developed special massaging beds. These massaging beds are a boon to patients with severe back pain. They are known to have a relaxing effect on complete body apart from getting relief from back ache. These specially designed massage beds works on the basic principles of eastern science, which suggest release of pressure from spine, cleansing of blood and distribution of energy equally in the body. Two of the most established names in the field of massage beds are Ceragem and Nuga Best.

Ceragem massage bed and Nuga Best massage bed; both the companies have comparable products with nearly similar functionalities. These massage beds are a combination of many technologies. It combines massaging, heat effect, acupressure and acupuncture effect and with far infra red effect and also the much debated Jade effect. All these techniques individually have a specific role to play in rejuvenating the body and helping in leading a more healthy and active life. The heat which these massage beds use is of two types far infra red and helium. The far infra red rays have already been proved for its non invasive healing effect on human body organs. It also helps body relieve from cholesterol and blood clumps by dissolving them. Helium light has been proved to improve our immune system by strengthening the white blood cells. The other techniques involved like the acupressure and acupuncture help the spine, considered to be the root of the body in eastern science, relax and free it of any pressure. About the jade technology it can only be said that it has been around since ages. Jade has long been associated with love wisdom, serenity, longevity, balance peace and wealth.

Ceragem massage bed and nuga best massage bed are two of the most trusted and oldest names in this industry and have been serving patients for long. People continue to use it long after they have been relieved of their back problems because of the positive effects it has on the whole body. These beds help detoxifying, and strengthening of white blood cells and prevents disease. It is due to all these additional benefits that people get from the Ceragem Message Beds or even from the Nuga Best massage bed, for that matter, which has made them so popular across the world. Also due to the today’s working schedules, it is something which might soon be available in every home not only for its medical but also for its health benefits. To make a use of Nuga Best massage bed it does not require any specific medical training. These can be used by anyone with an ease.


Dr. Hemangi Jhaveri

Dr Hemangi Jhaveri is a registered medical doctor and a Nutritionist from the American college of sports medicine. Her special focus is in Obesity, Fitness & Wellness of an Individual. She has dealt with hundreds of patients to achieve their health and wellness goals. Educating patients and helping them joyfully to inculcate a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives is her motto. Love and enjoy food in a natural way and regain your health with her.