Lifestyle Change in 6 Weeks

Adopting lifestyle change in 6 weeks programme

Once a week for two hours session every Thursday

Learn why your diet isn’t working and how to lose weight for good
There’s a lot of information and misinformation out there about what you can get done when it comes to transforming your body, and how long that transformation should take.

What can you do in 6 weeks?

It’s weird – we often overestimate what we can do in a day, and underestimate what we can get done in a year.

We think in the short term, and so we scramble to where we need to go as quickly as possible (get in shape for a wedding, drop weight for a vacation a month from now). Then we go back to “normal” life afterwards. Back to all our old habits.

Next time, this process repeats itself. The scramble, the return to our old habits.

When you put your faith in the process and do this consistently, you fundamentally change your life. Not just for short periods of time, but permanently.

So yes, you can lose weight in six weeks, but it might not be as much if you took six week to starve yourself and work out at a ridiculous pace. That’s okay! That’s expected!?

Yes, you can build muscle and strength, but perhaps not as quickly as if you worked out seven days a week and pumped yourself full of supplements. That’s okay! That’s not what we’re going for.?

We’re not interested in “get fit quick”, we’re interested in “get healthy permanently.”


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