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Walking Benefits For Every Individual

Walking is a good form of exercise and can also help boost mood

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  • Age 40 and Below - 1 km in less than 8 minutes
  • Age Group 40 to 45 - 1 km in 8 to 8.5 minutes
  • Age Group 45 to 50 - 1 km in 8 to 9 minutes
  • Age Group 50 to 55 - 1 km in 9 to 9.5 minutes
  • Age Group 55 to 60 - 1 km in 9.5 to 10 minutes
  • Age Group 60 and above - 1 km in 11 minutes

The walk is something we do without thinking , outlining our bodies move naturally and normally is not seen as anything less than that, so get used to walking an hour a day.

Walking one hour a day is more than enough

Walking is one of the ways we can have a better contact with our health at the same time that we do not undergo a stressful exercise routine.

Usually a person does not walk as much as they should, that is why it is very common for people to gain a few extra pounds and to feel fatigued constantly, the use of the vehicle and work while sitting are the biggest factors that keep us from good physical condition

Walking is a practice that must remain present in our days, but by walking we do not mean to go to a nearby place and return, but to purify our body and think clearly while we walk, there is something more therapeutic than that.

It does not take anything to go for a walk, more than you want

To walk is not necessary to perform any ritual, much less a diet with an exercise routine, this practice should always be constant and even for two hours (although if we are of those who miss the bus then our condition is another), to establish in the body a way to feel completely healthy.

Walking gives us a mental serenity (it is very appropriate to think), an escape from pressure or stress (because we can feel ourselves fully) and that we improve self-esteem and lose weight as we approach a healthier condition and a fuller life.

When we walk for a long time our body performs a series of things that are favorable for their own performance, one of these things is that the blood circulates throughout the body at a more vigorous pace and makes our muscles oxygenate and not atrophy therefore be in one form only.

Breathing is another factor that is involved for this process of muscle oxygenation, when walking we inhale more air and therefore our body is subjected to a whole inhaled air that will awaken every inch of the body and leave it ready for the action of the day.

Walking helps clear our mind

Although walking does not always fit the schedule of all of us, we must consider that to start with, it does not take more than twenty minutes and sunlight is not obligatory either. For some it is very comfortable a night walk that is something more than fantastic for our body to warm up and cleanse itself after a hard day’s work. The cardiovascular benefit is clear and that is why it is always recommended to do it regardless of the schedule.

After you have spent some time fulfilling your walking exercises you will realize how resistant you become, you will get less tired and your body will adopt a healthier condition, this is very well received for anyone who always needs to be in motion or have the mind wakes up.  This habit must be another of our most important.

Group Walking

Most people walk at some point every day, but many underestimate just how healthy this simple exercise can be. Research has shown that walking every day has a number of health benefits for both the body and mind, from weight loss to controlling stress. It’s the way most of us get around, and it’s also a great form of exercise. In addition to burning calories through extra movement, walking also helps to increase the metabolism and prevent muscle loss. Regular walking can also aid in reducing stubborn stomach fat in particular by improving the body’s response to insulin, A regular brisk walking can also prevent or manage heart disease, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes.

Walking Prevents

Daily walking Prevents Fat deposition and Maintains Normal Blood Circulation. Those who think that they have no time for Excercise will soon find time for illness.

Walking Wins

A person who walks at least 2 hours a week has nearly 40% reduction in death from all causes. Walking decreases the risk of developing Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Disease and Obesity.  Avoid Junk Foods.


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Dr. Hemangi Jhaveri

Dr Hemangi Jhaveri is a registered medical doctor and a Nutritionist from the American college of sports medicine. Her special focus is in Obesity, Fitness & Wellness of an Individual. She has dealt with hundreds of patients to achieve their health and wellness goals. Educating patients and helping them joyfully to inculcate a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives is her motto. Love and enjoy food in a natural way and regain your health with her.

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