Binge Eating Disorder

The trend of becoming leaner in life by excepting the fad diets , starving , restricting yourself ,skipping your meals ultimately leads you to indulge into binge eating and in younger generation also into bulimia .

Binge eating disorder stem comes from place of restriction and deprivation ,despite of how much you eat there is always an undertone of `THIS IS THE LAST TIME .

Related image “FOOD IS BECOMING SCARCE  our subconscious mind gets terrified of famine and these are the type of threats the mind responses with the message of EAT, EAT NOW AND EAT  MORE . Binge eating disorder are also the cause of daily stress or emotional disturbance which makes the binge eating spiral which goes out of control and this influences our hormones which leads to obesity .


Allowing yourself to eat and eliminating the word dieting from your mind , not skipping your breakfast or your meals and accepting and loving yourself  will lead to a happy and healthier life .Image result for binge eating disorder

Take help of the expertise n start writing your binge hours and try to divert your mind at that time whatever interest you. Eg: music or talking to your  friend  will help you to get over eating disorder and will be able to lead a healthy life .


                              EAT HEALTHY N STAY HAPPY AND HEALTHY.

BY: Dr. Hemangi JHAVERI


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Dr. Hemangi Jhaveri

Dr Hemangi Jhaveri is a registered medical doctor and a Nutritionist from the American college of sports medicine. Her special focus is in Obesity, Fitness & Wellness of an Individual. She has dealt with hundreds of patients to achieve their health and wellness goals. Educating patients and helping them joyfully to inculcate a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives is her motto. Love and enjoy food in a natural way and regain your health with her.

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