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Can Too Much Green Tea Harm Your Health?

Image result for Can Too Much Green Tea Harm Your Health?For many of us Green tea is a magical drink. If you are drinking 2 to 3 cups of green tea in a day, you are actually moving in the right direction. But if you are consuming more than this, then you might be allowing certain health issues to trigger.Green tea is packed with healthy antioxidants and may help reduce heart-disease risk, manage blood sugar and boost weight-loss, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Despite the potential health rewards, however, drinking too much green tea can cause unpleasant — or even dangerous — side effects. For your health, limit green tea intake to five or fewer cups per day.

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    Green tea as well as black tea contains tannin, which decreases the absorption of  folic acid, an important mineral that helps decrease birth defects. Pregnant women and those who are planning to conceive, should stop the intake of green tea for a while.

  • Green tea interferes with the absorption of iron, so it is recommended to avoid green tea along with the meals. Also it will be better not to go beyond the recommended level, as overall it will affect nutrient absorption in body.
  • Drinking too much of green tea, can hamper your sleep pattern. Due to the caffeine content, your biological clock will go upside down.

Yes, green tea has many health benefits but drinking excess of it, will affect your health. So how many cups of green tea you are drinking in a day?

Consumption of boiled tea and coffee should be avoided as it increases bad cholesterol.

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Dr. Hemangi Jhaveri

Dr Hemangi Jhaveri is a registered medical doctor and a Nutritionist from the American college of sports medicine. Her special focus is in Obesity, Fitness & Wellness of an Individual. She has dealt with hundreds of patients to achieve their health and wellness goals. Educating patients and helping them joyfully to inculcate a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives is her motto. Love and enjoy food in a natural way and regain your health with her.

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